Monday, 1 August 2011


It’s August in Italy and the masses are on holiday, it’s hot and humid, and beautiful. I have felt though at times like the heart of Italy was missing, that what I recalled of being here had vanished with the influx of all the other eastern European and north Africans that seem to have invaded this country. Like a lot of the world the effects of the financial crisis have hit Italy and it’s borrowing has seen it now become the latest addition to the “PIIGS” of the European union for those that don’t understand that look it up.
Amongst this though a wonderful shining light, and all this took place in a day, first Sabrina and her Fiancé Fabio drove to Ancona to say goodbye and to have me do a little ladybird tattoo for her as a memento, insignificant as tattoo, but as a show of love and appreciation huge.
Then Danielle and Martina arrived to collect me and took me to there town, Jesi, for a wonderful Italian favorite Carbonara, at of all the local rugby club, which is funny coming from South Africa, but where we sat outside in the fresh air and had an amazing meal, with even better company. My hosts then decided to show me their cool shop, which is in it’s infancy, but is fantastic, clean and very tasteful, and coming from the last place, where taste really had been crucified, it’s really great to see. Marti is a good tattooer, and will develop way beyond the person who taught her.
We then went to see the old town centre and this is really beautiful King Frederico the 2nd was born here, and it is a truly medieval city with huge walls and ramparts and is how I remember Italy, and then it struck me that the heart and soul of Italy still lives in the heart of the real Italian. The mixtures of people from all over the world that have come here, are just the scum on the surface, and under lays the great wine the true Italian. And Marti and Dani are exactly that a great wine.

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