Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Well.... being

I’m in bed with the flu, like a lot of people I hear, it seems to be going around, and it’s a beautiful day today, so to be in bed is just a pain. That’s where I’m going to leave my wellbeing, I would hate to be one of those whiny men when the get sick.
Starting at a new shop, is always daunting and finding yourself in the space is never easy, I am a little unhappy about being there for a day then being to ill to go in today, but I am very happy there, Tamar and her crew have made me feel very at home and it’s a great work environment.

There aren’t many things that excite me at the moment, as my minds all a little foggy, but one thing is really exciting at the moment. My very first article is going to be in the new “Garage” magazine, and I am really stoked by that, and can hardly wait to get my inked up mitts on it, so look out for the next edition.

I found "The Baboons" by accident, but I can't seem to find a cd, if anyone knows of one and where it's available please drop me a line.

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