Thursday, 15 September 2011


Sunday at the SA Hotrod day, which I really am very bored with, a sandlot and a few vendors is not my idea of a hotrod day, there are cars worth in excess of half a million rand and that’s the best that can be done. A amazing thing happened to me, I was standing near Maybelline, and for those that don’t know it’s my car, when a couple approached with a gorgeous and very young baby in hand, it must have been his first outing. They asked me if they could take a photo of me with the kid while sitting in my car, obviously, I said he should sit in the car holding his son, but they insisted that they wanted him held by tattooed arms and all that so I did it, and it was awesome, it was really great to be holding such a cute little guy in my arm’s, sitting in my lovely car.
Monday I got a call from a fellow tattoo artist who has named his newborn baby boy, Milo and I just didn’t know what to say, I was really at a loss for words, it’s not something I ever thought about, but wow that’s a really big thing to me. A child is the one thing I never really wanted in my life, I have never felt the need to procreate, and never felt like I missed out on something, I still don’t feel that way. This did however leave a big impression on me, and I guess it’s a way of reminding me of the true beauty in life, and the importance of building a family. Not that the nuclear family that we are led to believe in, but all those connections with wonderful people who mean so much in your life, they also can be the very best of family.

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