Monday, 5 September 2011


There are a few bastions of manhood left, and this is not going to be some misogynist rambling, it’s just that few things are a mans thing anymore, it seems that all we used to do as men has been done, and done well by women. There is one thing that even though girls will shave, and shave in all sorts of places men never do, but one of the wonderfully manly things to do every day is to have a great shave. Not this bullshit splash some water on your face, a gel that foams and a razor with a gazillion blades, that shaves you in seconds while you wipe your ass, brush your teeth, and comb your hair. The good, old-fashioned shave, where you have a mug, boiling water, and a great badger hair brush, and before Greenpeace get on my case the badgers are not harmed when they collect the hair, so chill out. A hot towel on your skin to soften that bristling day old growth, the hot brush from the mug dips in the shaving soap, building a lather, reheating it in the mug, and building the lather even fuller, and then applied to your face. A beautifully sharpened strait razor and a clean well angled stroke of your face, that clean feeling, nothing makes me feel quiet as good as that in the morning.
I know it probably seems inane, and un-important in the grand scheme of things, but I just love every minute of it, there are very few things that a man will do as often as shave, besides the obvious that is, in his life, and I think that taking the time to make it a pleasure instead of a chore, is just a great way to start the day.
When I have my own home again instead of renting I am definitely putting some kind of boiler in the bathroom so I have boiling water on tap, a hook for a leather strop to sharpen my razor, and a shelf for small face towels and hooks for a pair of brushes. A wonderful, cozy place to just starts the day.
Perhaps all this race to get ahead is as expected, reducing the time we have to enjoy the small things in life, a cliché, I know, but perhaps the only way we take it back is by starting with the little things that make you feel good, whatever they are.

Salon Roma:  Nino always makes time shave me whenever I get to Johannesburg.
Address:  8a Tyrwhitt Ave
Neighborhood:  Rosebank Johannesburg. South Africa.

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