Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Last night I watched “Fly with me” on the BBC, and it’s very funny, Matt Lucas and David Walliams , are really very clever satirists. They did however do a scene using the 1st class head airhostess, and her attitude to a couple who have been bought a 1st class ticket as a gift and she feels are not of the standing for 1st class, and as funny as the scene is it did remind me of some of the treatment I have suffered at the hands of the service industry. Why do we stand for this? We pay for the dubious pleasure of being treated badly, and it’s our fault, because we just don’t do anything about it.
I have been battling my phone service provider for several months, it all started in May. I was called by my service provider and told that I was using less than 2 gigabytes of data, and that they have a special which gives me 2 gigs and whatever I don’t use is carried over to the following month. Sounds great, go ahead, and with that in early June I left for Italy and did not use my service until the end of August. Now logic tells me that I should at very least have 4 gigs available to me, but within a few days I have blown though the cap and am paying 50cents a megabyte. How can this be? I ask for an investigation, and I’m told that this is correct, but how, because they say so, there is no physical proof of this that they make available to me, but that’s ok I buy 2.5 more gigs, and within 24 hours it’s used up, it’s insane, how is this possible, I then pursue this further, and am given the same response, it goes to investigation and I’m told that I have used it up. So by the 17th of the month I have been through 6.5 gigs, no one seems to be able to tell me firstly how did they get to call me and tell me I use less than 2 gigs and offer me that deal? Secondly, how is it possible to go through more than 6.5 gigs in half a month and not be able to get a clear breakdown on where it’s has been used.
Enough about that, but it’s enough, why do we keep taking shit from services we pay for, stand up and give them hell, you walk into a store, and you are not dealt with properly, do something about it, take your business else where, and complain to everyone who will listen, and go above that person, and keep going until you get satisfaction.

On a lighter note this one’s for some one very special, it was Mi Ma’s favorite.

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