Friday, 25 November 2011

I wos blagged.

I have been robbed, some little twats crawled into a window and nicked my bag with my computer, cameras, and a few other things, Laika must have scared them off, cause I heard her go downstairs but thought nothing of it.
Obviously I claimed from my insurance company, who has 6 weeks later repudiated my claim, and my broker now is fighting this using the ombudsman to do so.
This is all part of a trend I have noticed; it seems like every company out there offering a service is out to do you in, like thieves in the night. My insurance company, 20 years of premiums, but when it comes to a claim do everything not to reimburse you for your loss, even the accessor makes you feel like you were wrong by even claiming.
My Medical Aid, now there is an oxymoron, premium every month over a R1200, but how is it that I run out of funds half way through the year, hell!, I will buy a month, maybe two before year end but half way? Then I’m on some meds I have to take constantly so I apply for chronic benefits, hell that’s repudiated because they don’t think it’s necessary, so either my Doctor is an asshole or they are, and after spending 7 years studying I doubt my Doctor is.
My satellite service provider, DSTV, how is it that I pay a load for a full service, but receive only half the channels cause your signal is so bad? And don’t give me that shit about the weather and my dish and all that crap, cause everyone in the neighborhood suffers the same problem even on a freaking clear summers day without bad weather anywhere, and in the next neighborhood it’s perfect. That’s not what pisses me off though, it’s that you have an automated response system designed to not respond to anything, and when you finally speak to someone, they no less than the neighbors pet poodle.
My phone service provider, how is it possible that I am paying so much for a service yet you are unable to give me an exact breakdown on where, and at what time this expenditure took place, so I can at very least see if there is a problem.
Car guards that stand there waving you in and out of an open parking bay, like you are some retard and need the help, pretending to take care of your car, but if someone tried to steal it they would be the first to run off, if not the ones trying to steal it, and then when you get back to your car, look dude it’s still here with that expectant look on their faces waiting to be paid, fuck you! Have a little dignity and beg, at very least it’s honest.
And the list goes on, but that will probably just bore you as much as it does me.

So do me a favor, go out and blast one of your service providers that don’t give you what you pay for, lets start our own trend and kick their asses

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