Monday, 7 November 2011


Ok first off I’m going to bitch about Guy Fawkes and get it over with.
Why? What’s the point, honestly sure we were a British Colony, but that’s no longer, and to be honest aspiring to blow up parliament, as alluring as it is, isn’t really worth celebrating. The thing that pisses me off is my poor dog Laika was beside herself, she had worked herself up into a panic attack and no amount of rescue remedy was helping her, and I’m sure I was not the only pet owner who had to try calm our animals down, not to mention all the poor wildlife in the vicinity. The other thing, in this financial climate, with more and more people in trouble and struggling to make ends meet, people on the streets loosing homes and lives, these people thought it’s a good idea to spend thousands of rand’s, go to a natural beauty, the beach and set fire to it, just to watch a silly little light show. Shame on you, instead of being such self centered egotistical fucks, why not donate that to a worthy cause like child welfare, or something, instead you filled the pockets of some illegal trader, who doesn’t even put the money back into our economy as he sends it back to their home country, and our economy takes another shit. While our hospital emergency rooms have to re-attach blown off digits while they should be attending real emergencies. Enough about that.

I just did this forearm piece on Sari, its part of a matching piece with her husband Robbie, who has the same piece, but the empty space in the heart on Sari’s arm is filled on his and visa versa, the same, but different, and I love that the complete each other, as a concept and way of life.

I’m spending a lot of time working drawing tattooing and listening to Ray LaMontagne, if you haven’t heard his stuff, do yourself a favor, when you are in a mellow mood, just take a good listen, and you will be pleasantly surprised, he’s stuff is just great, slightly bluesy, country, folk he just seems to meld all that Americana into beautiful melodious tracks, one after the other.

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