Thursday, 8 December 2011


We spent a long night tattooing this new piece for Robs other sleeve, it started out as a mermaid, but they have been done a lot, and i wanted to do something a little different, and it was that I came up with the Mermaid, Geisha, Shiva cross, with an emphasis on a very destructive mans ruin, and if that needs explaining, you will never get it. We started at at 16H30 and finished up at 02H30, a few breaks here and there, but all in all quit a session. I'm pleased with the outcome, we do however still get the ocean background in, a deep blue oriental inspired ocean and blend it into the Aum symbol on the shoulder I did 10 years ago. Tomorrow we finish up the other sleeve I started, based on his Grandad's experience of being shot down as a gunner in a Manchester Bomber in WW2, by a Meschershmidt  ME109, and thats the image that will complete it.

We went for a shave and hair cut at Burnet Fair today, and guys if you haven't been yet,
it's well worth it a Visit, nothing like a hot towel and straight razor shave and a great cup of coffee
to start the day.

We stopped by Madame Zorrina in Parden Island for the most freaking awesome Roti's, I had chicken, but had forgotten to get them to go easy on the chilli, and 8 hours later, Im still feeling it.  

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