Tuesday, 20 December 2011

“Little Miss Chievious Thruxton”

My wonderful friend Tracey came by to do the second session on the “Little Miss Chievious Thruxton” yesterday and it’s beginning to look amazing did 80% of the Thruxton, and in the next session we should complete it, I love what’s it’s looking like and here is a sneak peak.

Now as I promised an update on the DATING site… what a pile of shit, really besides being a complete scam and needing to pay, which made me feel a little dirty, it just doesn’t work for me. Really, to be making a call on whom you would like to date, by purely looking at some photo, just seems shallow and wrong, and as some may judge me as shallow, I’ll stick with wrong. For me a woman I would like to see is more, it’s about style, grace, carriage, character, humor, taste and the things that just are not perfect, the quirky things, not some random photo, with a cheesy grin. Then there is the opportunity for complete disaster, what if she’s a stalker, a bunny boiler, a smother mother, an instant wife to be. In my opinion, it all a large pile of shit, I did this to broaden my horizons, thinking that perhaps fishing from my spot all the time was narrow minded, and I should open up to other possibilities, but I have learned it’s more like layer cake, stay in your layer, you know what is in there, no need to go up or down a layer where you are out of your depth. One last thing, to the 71-year-old lady, I’m very flattered, but I think you may just be a little old for me, but thanks for reminding me that I should stay away from the younger women…lol

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