Saturday, 10 December 2011

Time takes a ...

On wednesday my great buddy arrived from JHB to spend some time and get tattooed. We had a great time, tattooed him, laughed, while good people visited and we talked and drank loads of tea. It got me thinking about friendship, and how friendship is as they say like a good red wine, it needs to age, not that I would know as I don't drink alcohol. It's true though, I have been in Cape Town for 4 years, and have met lots of wonderful friends, from all walks of life, contrary to the belief that Capetonians are reserved and withdrawn, but friendships that have stood that test of time as ours have, through thick and thin, just are different. After almost 20 years a friendship really is a FRIENDSHIP.

Louis Prima now that's what I'm talking about!!!! if you don't like it? you're dead

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  1. Agreed, there is something to be said for old friendships like that :)


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