Thursday, 19 January 2012

Mouille Point

After what seemed like a heat wave, which in all honesty is just summer, and after all the moaning I did about it, this morning I was greeted by my good friend the Mouille Point Lighthouse fog horn, the marine layer had come in and with it the wonderful moist drop in temperature. Those that know, know that the sound is my lullaby, and getting out of bed when all I wanted was to lie in and sleep to the cool moist breeze and the comforting sound of the foghorn.
There was enough sleeping in and procrastinating so with all that it was just time to get my ass out of bed and get moving and face the day, then I got a message on my phone, it was a notification, that Maybelline is sold, the transfer has taken place and as soon as the funds are cleared into my account, she will be transported to her new owner. Bitter sweet, as it feels like a huge loss of a beautiful friend, but I do believe life is about movement. As she moves on the next project will begin and a rebirth of another vehicle will begin and like the phoenix from a back garden in the rain and wind and sun this vehicle will rise again into a wonderful piece of art.

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