Sunday, 8 January 2012

My weekend in a nutshell

I just spent the saturday finishing up the large dragon back piece and it's always bittersweet, after one spends so much time and effort  in a tattoo like that, it always is

Sunday was spent with Jarad a Kaylin, I did the demon girl piece on his fore arm, the "Dark Lady" as I refer to it and it was fun to do. They have asked me to the God farther to the baby boy "Mason" who is due in a week, it's an honor and all a little scary, guess if I'm not going to have my own, I may as well be a God Father to now my second boy. Whats more daunting is having to go to church, I haven't done that since I don't know when, perhaps that's not such a bad thing after all.

This is my gorgeous friend from Poland, Doris Cash, check her out.

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