Wednesday, 4 January 2012

What to do?

Quite some time ago I met someone I thought was interesting we met for a lunch, and then coffee a few more times, and you know when you meet someone, and you just need to delve a little deeper to know that this just isn’t going to work out… I left it at that, we talked every now and then, but something kept warning me, I was uneasy about this person, a few things had taken place that just didn’t sit right with me and so I lay a trap. I told her something that I knew she could use against me, and waited… sure enough she did not disappoint, before long all hell broke loose, as I had expected. Obviously this made her go to ground, and it’s been a long time since I’ve heard from her, but the other day she contacted me again, wanting to be tattooed. Now the reason I’m writing this shit becomes apparent… I run a business, and things aren’t easy in this financial climate. The question is do I take her on as a client, or just keep the snake at bay? I think I know what the right answer for me, but I would be interested in your opinion

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  1. Well if she wants a tattoo from you as a normal client, why not? Keep the distance!
    But if you have enough clients, and don´t really "need" her as a client, leave it!
    Its your choice who should wear your ink - this time your the boss! ;-)


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