Monday, 16 April 2012

A while

It's a Sunday afternoon, I would say lazy, but most of my Sunday's aren't but today that's an exception. My mind however hasn't been, and though I know it's been a while and I've not written about what's been going on, but writing without thought I'm not going to do.
The first thing that comes to mind is just one of those things that gets to me as an old advertising Creative Director, I just saw the new Tsogo Sun ad... ACDC's thunderstruck as a soundtrack???? Really, I just don't get that, all these holiday shots and gorgeous pool shots and stuff, just doesn't hold together, it's just retarded, these images make me wanna go chill and the sound is making my heart race. Then it's followed by the new Engen commercial, and here the creatives used the same style with vignettes of people around the gas station and related shots and underpinned it with a Randy Newman classic "friends" it's perfect, you wanna go on a road trip and stop at the station just cause its so cool.
Yesterday, Liverpool beat Everton, to go into the FA Cup Final, whoohoo, it takes a brave man with a strong heart to support Liverpool FC as our lives are like the a stormy sea, great swells and heart breaking troughs, a season that started with so much promise sees us wallowing in mid table again with some terrible performances of late, but with the Carling Cup in the bag, and Chelsea to beat in the final, there is hope for the double.
So it's not a huge blog, and and nothing to exciting but hey that's how I'm doing right now.
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