Thursday, 16 August 2012

Been A While

Ok so I have been away for a while and not written, but the truth be told, the last few months have been a little weird, from a work, home and retationship/frendship point of view. Nothing in life is easy or comes free, not that anything else was ever expected, and I’m a whole lot luckier that most.
It seems that as time goes by I seem to be one of those very rare creatures that really is best alone, I find myself wanting company, and not wanting it all at the same time. I often wonder if this is to do with being a tattooer, I spend a lot of time with clients, and as it’s hands on, I often wondered if I was touch sensitive and that being in such close contact made me want not to be touched or close to someone, anyhow non of it really matters in the grand scheme of things.

I been doing some cool work for my clients of late and I want to share it all with you but there is quite a bit so if I missed any out I’m sorry if it’s yours.

 One of my favorite things is the Bonneville Speed Week, it’s no big deal for some, but for a whole lot of petrol heads it’s the Mecca of huge speed, it is an amazing thing, this salt flat in Utah, miles of uninterrupted space and a timed mile.
The next time you get into your car, grab the steering wheel and give a good look at the speedometer.  Let your eyes travel up from zero, climbing double digit numbers that are so familiar.  But keep going.  Don’t stop at 120.  Don’t stop at 140 or 160.  Notice if your palms are getting sweaty or if you start to twitch in your seat.  Is this unfamiliar territory…staring at the notch for 180 or 200kph?  Think to yourself, what is the fastest I have ever driven this vehicle?  Scale your eyes back to the fastest you’ve ever pushed that needle, and then think about that brief  and exhilirating moment, as quick as it may have been.  Ask yourself why didn’t you go faster than that?  How long did you sustain that top speed?  Why didn’t you drive further?  Now, if I told you there’s a place as flat as a sheet of college-ruled paper, where there are no cops, no traffic signals, no turns, no intersections, no on-coming traffic, and no speed-limit, would you push that accelerator as far as it could go for as long as you could?  Of course you would.  And that could only mean you were in one special place–the Bonneville Salt Flats in western Utah.” Speedweek is the annual gathering of the tribe, where speed devotees make an annual pilgrimage to the fastest racetrack in the world and put their best effort against history.  There is no head-to-head racing, there is no stopwatch.  (There is also no best costume award or recognition for cheapest looking girlfriend.)  Drivers are racing against history–the historical speed precedent set for that engine class.  The attention is purely on getting the cars to run at top speed.  Everything else is secondary.

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