Thursday, 7 February 2013


I'm not playing it safe any more.

I'm gonna take it right to the edge.

And do pirouettes.

- What are you talking about?

Pirouettes, you dumb fuck.

And if I fall,
well, so be it.

You know. Who gives a shit?

"Oliver Platt in Funny Bones" and so I have, pirouettes baby, I woke from a dream, and I was shaved clean, my face that is, and there were tattoos creeping up onto my face from my neck. This is the first dream I remember in I don't know when, I never remember anything while awake let alone while asleep, a little gift left from too many hard knocks against my head. So after 25 years in this industry I got completely immersed, I have had visible tattoos for quite some time now, but my face, well I always thought I would never go that far, and you know, I just felt it was time, and the dream, though it had no real direction, had an impact. The problem was I just couldn't remember what the shapes were that crept up on my face... and while doing some research for a client I was going through my flip folder, there it was, the onion domes on St Basil's Cathedral on Red Square, that's what they were. So the creation on my face began, and though many daggers have a negative connotation, mine is about letting go those placed in me by people I held in high regard, and of remembering that forgiveness is self love. So with this came what may regarded as an extreme tattoo, for me, I'm out there doing pirouettes


  1. That's awesome man! Agreed, a big step, but after 25 years in the game you can do whatever you want for whatever reason. Looks like a painful spot, I just shave and I get a rash that hurts. It looks great though. Well done sir!

  2. From Ava: The Trick to a Pirouette, is the belief that you can suspend gravity.
    From Symi: I can see you defy all previously perceived limitations. They weren't there after all...
    PS - please come for dindins at our place next you're in JBurg? We're 2 streets up from you!

  3. Gorgeous story. I think every tattoo has a strange little story behind it, sometimes happy, usually a bit darker. So glad you shared it.


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