Friday, 15 March 2013


It comes as no surprise that nothing, and I mean nothing at all, lasts forever, your health, friendships, relationships, your pets, your life, forever isn't really forever, not even this planet will last forever.
So why is it that people still today expect to be together forever? in an existence where everything is transient, why is it we labour under the delusion that it all has to last forever? I met a beautiful young woman the other day, recently divorced, and in pretty bad shape as she struggled with the fact that her marriage had ended. I felt for her, I really did, you could see she was hurting at the fact that it was over, yet you knew it was going to end eventually, one way or another, so why is it we have this unrealistic expectation? I personally, and this is a personal opinion, take it leave it, it really doesn't matter, believe it's the fault of the church, this belief in everlasting life, and that we go to a better place, and that faith is what's needed to get you there is retarded, and to blame. Surely if we are created by God, in his image, and that death is a certainty, as no one as yet has escaped that fate yet, surely he would be pissed if the time he gave you was wasted on something that might not actually be there instead of living that time to the fullest. What they want is your obedience and your money, think about it, those mother fuckers have never worked an honest day in their lives, yet they have the nerve to send that plate around every sermon, what are they doing all the time, praying? well hell so am I, all the time, just praying I can keep myself afloat, so that's nothing special.
I tattooed my first catholic priest on Tuesday... yes it's true the very people who would have burned me at the stake a few hundred years ago, and guess what, at the end of it all the asshole made no attempt to pay me, and the funny shit was, I wasn't expecting him too, I was brought up in a strict catholic family and went to a convent in my formative years, so they start the bullshit early. I got payed, cause thats the kind of asshole I am.
Oh there they are again the chorus in the peanut gallery, going on about soul and love, those things lasting forever, bullshit, I have fallen out of love with some one after a week, ok I'm a shallow bastard, a "Magnificent Bastard" I'm told but one all the same, but really once again, it's all delusion, find your best friend bonking your girlfriend, and see how quickly you can fall out of love with some one..... I know.... I been there..... hahahaha. As for the soul, I have met way to many soulless people to know that's a delusion too, it just a sense of morality, some have it, and some don't, and you certainly don't need me to tell you how quickly that can fade, as any bunch of people behaving as a mob will quickly display.
So the hell with 'forever', take your life by the scruff of the neck, and live it, love it and enjoy it, because time is fleeting, and nothing lasts, make yourself happy, you sure as hell deserve it, believe in what you want, the way you want, and keep your money in your pocket and if you want to put it to good use, go help a real charity.

Now with my ranting over... here is some of the work I have been doing.
I want to thank all my fantastic clients for their love and ongoing support, without you, I cannot make my passion a reality.

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