Friday, 31 January 2014

Just a little news

Ok so a lot has been said over the past few days about the whole “mishaps” bullshit, and frankly besides expressing my disappointment with Pricked in SA, I really haven’t bothered with it all, but as it was brought to my attention that she has deemed it necessary to speak about the situation which of course was as expected completely one sided and filled with half truths. I guess I should set things straight as I see them. There are 4 sides to this story, mine, hers, her cronies, and the truth, and which ever side of the fence you sit on, you will I’m sure be voiding your gracious opinions on the subject, but giving credit where credit is due, seems like a simple thing to do, as it wasn’t, that says more about others than it does me, so with all this, I am now from my side putting an end to it. I have expressed to Chris what I feel and how I will deal with it. As for Mandy, Murray, mishap and all those people that took her side in this matter, rest assured I will not lose one ounce of sleep over this, this note is all the space in my life you will ever get.

To those that appreciate my work and that coming out of The Cape Town Tattoo Social Club, I make you the promise that I made the day I started tattooing, and that is that I will do the very best of my abilities at all times, and will ensure that, that will be what comes out of the studio. Without the love and respect of our clients, we would not exist, so to each and every one of our clients, Thank you! Thank you very much, I hope we will see you all soon.

While I’m posting, I may as well also let you guys know that The Cape Town Tattoo Social Club, will not be attending the Cape Town tattoo convention, we will be putting the money this would have eaten up into bringing top internationals to Cape Town for extended periods all year round, so that our clients have enough time to actually get tattooed by them. We have just hosted Olo Vog from Cologne, and on Tuesday Alisa King arrives from California for a month. We are currently talking to some other amazing artist who are anxious to come visit, and as soon as we have decided on the dates we will let you know who will be with us and when, once again, thank you all for making this possible and for your ongoing support.


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