Tuesday, 25 February 2014


I was going through some pics on Facebook that my girl had uploaded to my page, and just looking at the comments, one just struck me. The photo is of me tattooing Ann Jangle’s thigh, the comment “Do you realise they are forever”?

My immediate reaction is, no asshole, we leap into permanent body beautification without any forethought, your generation have cornered the market on what is good and what is bad, and we are stupid mindless children, that without you stating the obvious we would never have thought it. I then calmed down, and started wondering why would someone feel the need to voice such a stupid opinion and put his name to it? It’s not like we want your golf and country clubs, your socialite gatherings where blowing wind up each others asses is the order of the day. So what is it? Is it fear of a world waking up to your narrow-minded views and not buying into them? Or is it just that your life has passed by like a speeding train governed by bullshit, convention and social standard. The truth is, it’s all the above and more, we are taking over the world, one tattoo at a time, and pretty soon you will know what it feels like to be an outsider…
And there you have it, you’re just an outsider, we have already taken over the world and we are rushing headlong into creating our own golf and country clubs, our own little cliques, creating our own social groups and doing very well at making people like you feel shut out, fuck we are so good at it we have even set up our own hierarchy of gods, demi-gods, canon fodder and bottom feeders, ensuring that the lessons of our huge egos are kept close to the heart and closing our hearts to being human.

The fact is we are all afraid, we all want to belong, we all hurt and we all need love, and being mean to one another only makes us mean, where as the opposite opens doors to new worlds. So to answer the question, yes, we do realise, and the decision was not made lightly.

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