Saturday, 15 March 2014


I am annoyed and bored, it's been 4 weeks and my lungs are still not cleared up yet, the constant coughing literally wakes me at night hence this blog.
My girl is up to some things, and like any good man, I support her in any endeavor, I would do just about anything to see her succeed. I am just amazed at what is transpiring through the process though, it seems that the same politics and bullshit that exists in the tattoo industry is prevalent everywhere else. There seems to be a veiled anger at others success, and a need to be obstructive to ensure that they don't succeed, I just don't get it, then again, I just don't seem to get people at all, I am surrounded by some of the most awesome people and I feel loved and appreciated, hell even respected in some quarters, but there are always those few, the ones that smile in their lips but not their eyes. Then there are the down right assholes, and they know exactly who they are so the less said about them the better.
So here is my hidden agenda, now not so hidden, I want to be successful enough to just be able to sleep at night knowing that the bills will be paid, I want "N" to be great as I know she is, that my staff, can do the same, and fulfill their potential, so I am putting it out there.
I'm tired and obviously rambling and perhaps not in the right frame of mind to do this, there is a Bob Dylan lyric that goes "be nice to the people on the way up, cause you're bound to meet them on the way down" and Bob Marley "them belly full but we hungry, a hungry mob is an angry mob" so this lashing out must come to an end and I have to try get some sleep, thankfully the police have moved the revelers on that decided to throw their party in the street outside the window, now all I need to do is get rid of the slag meatballs that seems to be repeating with the vengeance of a Sicilian mobster.

Here is some of my latest work

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