Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Ageist condescending twats

Today you get a rant, no, it's been a while but it's time for to get something off my chest.
I am sick an tired of posts on my feeds of older tattooed people that have lines saying "How cool is Grandad"  or "How awesome is this tattooed sixty year old woman" Well go fuck yourself, older people don't need you to tell them they are awesome, they see it in the mirror everyday and have done so a lot longer  than you, your reaffirmation says more about your lack of gumption than it does about them. While I'm at it we were cool before you were conceived, the only reason you think anything is cool, is cause we taught you what cool is. As for being tattooed, we got tattooed way before it was cool and before the discovery channel and those twats made you think it was a good idea.
So give us a break you ageist condescending twat, and show a little respect for your elders.

I feel love though...

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