Sunday, 14 February 2016

Spotlight on faith.

I just finished watching "Spotlight", I grew up within Catholicism, and I am appalled. Of course I knew about the abuse, but never understood the extent, and I am left feeling quite ill, and fortunate to have never had to face such abuse. I do understand that faith is not about the men who represent it, but this is evil at its most cynical and to use one of their terms most demonic. The Catholic Church has to be the most despicable entity on the planet, to preach of faith and destroy it in every action is the terrorism of the soul, and if the doctrine is correct then the whole church is destined for a fiery place. I find it hard to understand that any person can be called to this faith and that people still attend the catholic church is unfathomable.
I have my own story to tell and in the grand scope of this it is of no real consequence, but interesting all the same in this context.
A few years ago one of my very best friends called me and asked me if I would tattoo his Catholic priest, I know, I know, you think I'm shitting you right now but it's true, and to make it more incredible is he wanted it on his hand! I have no issues with tattooing anyone it's not my place to judge, but once complete he got up and left without paying as if he was exempt, and when I brought it up, my mate insisted on paying it out of shear embarrassment.
Makes one wonder about how these men of the church view themselves within the parish and society. I wonder how they perceive us, do they serve us, their god or themselves, can they tell the difference between those, or does it all blur in the heady notion of being gods representatives.
I will never again set foot in a Catholic church, as for my faith it's my own and will not be dictated by man, any man.
As for my Catholic friends specially those with kids, I urge you to please watch this movie and the credits at the end because this is global and Cape Town is not exempt, it has happened here and probably still is.

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