Thursday, 21 April 2016

I'm tired

I am tired.
I am tired of the very same people who bitch about crime in their neibourhood and the lack of the rule of law, but then drive through a red traffic light. Try obeying it yourself.
I'm tired of people not listening, in this age of self promotion, it's all about you, but if you don't listen why the hell should anyone bother with listening to you.
I'm tired of the "entitled" mentality I see, you are a useless waste and drain on all our resources go do something constructive with your hands instead of expecting other to give you shit.
I'm tired of people knowing better than the professional, why is it that you think you know more than anyone else. You don't tell your dentist how to treat your teeth, yet you think you know better than your tattoo artist.
I'm tired of cool thieves, if you can't come up with your own cool stuff, sink back into your own shit, stop trying to make what others have worked hard at creating your own.
I'm tired of people wanting freebies, or a "deal" when you have negotiated a "deal" on my groceries we can talk about one for you. Your freebie takes the food out on my kids mouth, so give it some thought before you ask.
I'm tired of the disregard for your time, if you have an appointment at ten, it's at ten not half past, not even one minute past its at ten, if others can be there 10 minutes before ten why can't you? Why is your time so much more important than others? You're a damn thief, and you just stole a half hour of my life, and that can't be paid for, its priceless.

And this goes out to my American friends.
US citizens talk of rogue nations and morally bereft governments, what happened in New York proves that you have been duped into looking the other way while the very people you trust have hoodwinked you into compliance. From the outside your government looks as bad as the ANC here in SA

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