Wednesday, 18 January 2017



I have been faced with a lot of it in the last 10 years, and I can't foresee that altering any time soon, I do often find myself fighting it though. I do think that this is a natural reaction as we all like comfort and change certainly removes that from your existence sharpish.
So the question is, can one find comfort in change? I am struggling with this one I must confess, of course all those self help books and crack pot pseudo psychologist, will come out of the woodwork and rattle off any number of glib responses, to no real tangible aid. The truth is I am a creature of habit, and routine gives me comfort and grounding, change really unsettles me.
So now what, the specter of change looms once more, and I feel this nervousness start to build inside me, my reactions become short and irrational, digging my heals in, and falling back into myself.

Not this time though, I am not going to allow it space, I am going to try embrace it, see it as an opportunity. Finding anything easy just doesn't seem to be my style, so this battle continues, needing to shrug off all the insecurity and balls to the wall.

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