Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Ride Out Thoughts

With the Ride Out happening the weekend, I thought I might just put this together.

When riding in a group use your mirrors, check who's behind you, if someone is missing stop or ride back to make sure they are OK.

Keep groups small, not more than 5 or 6 riders, and they should ride in accordance with their abilities, with the most experienced rider at the front.

The experienced rider leading the group needs to ride smooth and keep a close eye on those following

The last rider or sweeper should be very knowledgeable about the route as they will be taking care of stragglers and helping out if there is any problems

Don't ride too close and ride at your own speed, stay steady and don't accelerate on straights
It is very common for riders in a group that they accelerate on the straights when they notice that they get behind in corners, to keep up. Don't do that! The corners will become more and more difficult for you when you ride that way.

Something that you should keep in mind, is that you are *always* responsible for your own behaviour, especially for your speed, when riding in a group don't be a dick, or try showing off.

On long straights, it works best to ride in a so-called staggered formation.
The one in front rides at the right side of the lane; the one behind him on the left side of the same lane, the one behind him on the right side, etc. That way everybody can see ahead.

In corners, you don't keep a staggered formation: everybody chooses their own line through the corner. So keep in mind that the rider in front of you will start in the outside of the corner.

Make the day for who's behind you, we are riding together so your actions will enhance or inhibit those behind you, always bare that in mind. 

Group leader should try to keep his/her speed comfortable and enjoyable for the people behind them. Whether that speed is rather slow or rather fast, is based upon your own observation of the group. Be smooth and consistent more than you would should you be alone.


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