Friday, 10 April 2020

Back pieces

Large tattoo's, I get to do a lot of large tattoo's and I try and push for that because I kind of like that long longevity in the work and I like developing relationships with clients and big tattoo's allow for that. They're not the end all the be all. And it's not something that it's ultimately it's for everybody. But I like them. And I really think that a really large back piece always looks amazing. It's such a great statement. Having said that, let's go through the process. A lot of people are under the illusion that these things happen quickly. They just don't mean the very first session of a back piece. I do. I will line with a thin and light gray line and I'll put the whole stain slowly. Once I've done that, the client goes and they heal. They can be back two weeks later. Then we start in one corner and we can literally work on almost a weekly basis. We can start at one end to move to like another shoulder. Then over to the other shoulder, then back down again and around and around, around so that we're never touching on areas that we've just tatooed a week ago. This means I can probably finish a big full Carlebach piece in several months. Let's say maybe five months max. But it's expensive. So we'll normally do a deal with big pieces, but it is expensive and we need to work with your budget, obviously. So once that first session is in, your budget can also allow us to work over a longer period so we can take it. You come in once a month instead of once a week or you skip a month because you know, you're having a tough time that month. So that's the process. We need to get that first session in so that it's they in essence, what I'm doing is I'm putting a permanent stain, so on. Once they're permanent stencils on you, then we can scale it down or we can ramp it up depending on how you do financially and physically.

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