Monday, 27 April 2020

Social media review

Social media's like exploded, we're all on social media, my business relies on social media, I'm doing these videos for social media. So it's become very, very technical, and for a person like myself who has always worked with his hands and doesn't really have a grip on all of that social media and hashtags and tagging and reviewing and all. And I'm not, I'm not really au fait with all of it, but there are some, they are important in getting our message out to people and our business out to people, it's important that we do that. So when you get tattooed here, and then you're taking photographs and selfies of yourself and of your tattoo. It's very important that you spend a little time thinking about tagging us, doing some hashtags about the studio and also go to Google review. Please go to Google and review. This is very important because what it does is it rates us higher and higher on Google. So when other people go looking for us, they find us a lot easier. We really appreciate all the help that we can get in this regard as social media is constantly evolving. So if anything is working for you, please use it for us as well. We really appreciate that.

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