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Studio etiquette

Studio etiquette's quite weird. You know, there's some studios where like they're closed off in the front and nobody else is allowed in the back. Only the client. There's a reason for that, generally, it's because people have a tendency to arrive with an entourage. And that's really that's no fun for an artist who's actually trying to concentrate on what he's doing. So there's some things that are very important, be on time, it's super important that you're on time, your artist spent time drawing and preparing for you. If you're late, you're going to irritate the crap out of him, and that's not something that you want to do. Next thing, come into the studio clean. If you're gonna get your foot tattooed or your ankle tattooed and you've been running around in your dirty sneakers all day long. Seriously? And you want me to work on that? I need a gas mask to work on that The other thing is, the studio is not your father's yacht. Okay? So have a little respect. We work very, very hard to keep our studio sanitary and sterile. And you dropping your Coke all over the show and hanging out like you just don't care is not gonna cut it. Okay. So behave. There's a nice adage we use. Always be nice and kind to the man with the needle. Remember that.


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I been thinking about change this morning, and the old cliche comes to mind, "the only constant in life is change" and I think it probably is true, but I wonder if it is also true about the very essence of you, can you change after all you have seen, experienced and lived through, this sets patterns in your life, and I wonder if therapy could even change those ingrained patterns. Of course I will admit that all those things cause your growth, and that in essence is change, but after years of that growth there is a whole bunch of things that cause you to act, react, and feel, and that forms patterns of behaviour and I wonder if this can ever be truly changed or worst case scenario modified? All that, got me thinking about just what I let into my life, and how those things are going to change how I act, and worst of all, will I repeat the errors I made before in the handling of these things because I haven't actually changed at all. The truth for me I'm afraid is dark,

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"Cape of Storms"

So much for summer, damn the rain, wind and cold that's blown in.... just as I was really starting to enjoy the weather. Even Laika jumped up on the bed and curled up against me, ok she is a husky that likes laying in the sun, so she didn't like the wind and cold either. We live at one of the most dangerous seafaring places in the world, many factors combine here making it a passage feared by sailors. The violent, rampant winds and the hundreds of reported shipwrecks along the coast earned it the name "Cape of Storms" and later changed to the Cape of Good Hope. The Peninsula, in occupying this latitude, is first in line to be affected by the extreme winds and huge Antarctic swells which conflict not only with the South African anticyclone but also the powerful Agulhas current, descending from the Indian Ocean. This all makes the ever changing weather a pain, that's what you get when you live on an island with a Oh good heavens, baby