Saturday, 18 April 2020

Tattoo Placement

Tattoo placement. I have my own theories about tattoo placement, and I always like to believe that they're good, solid theories and I base mine on size and style. You know, the back being the largest uninterrupted canvas on your body is always great for a really big, beautiful piece. Just imagine a canvas, A3 canvas, and you got and put a splotch just at the top, a little black design at the top. What's the point? You've wasted that canvas. You know, there's a whole lot more space you can use. So think about placement, utilize the area, like if you're going to do a shoulder piece then utilize the whole deltoid, you know, so that it works within that shape of the deltoid and it takes that space up. When it comes to styles and mixing styles. I also find that placement is very, very important. If you have a forearm that's Oriental and then the top Tribal, it just looks shit in my opinion, it just looks terrible. And what it says is you just really don't know what you like. If you want to do that to the whole arm Oriental, do the other arm Tribal and all of a sudden it starts, it speaks of a different look and style and knowledge. And it really shows everyone that, you know what you're doing when it comes to tattooing. This is a personal opinion. So take it. Leave it. Do what you like. I just think as a tattoo artist, when I see people that are covered in all sorts of styles, it kind of says something about them for me, I'm being a little judgy, I'm sure, but that shit happens too

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