Friday, 24 April 2020

Tipping or not tipping

Tipping or not tipping, tipping is quite weird because you'll tip your waiter all the time. I mean, this guy carries your plate of food to you and you tip the waiter. It's a bit weird, but I understand that a lot of those people work on a commission basis, so we don't want to upset them. In the US, tipping is like par for the course. Other places I've worked in Italy and I've worked in Holland and we don't, they don't tip. We don't see that much at all. Here in South Africa, tipping is really not a big deal. We get a lot of international clients, so we get that every now and then. But it really doesn't happen much. But remember that an artist's livelihood can also be as difficult as a waiter or waitress. So having somebody give you a tip every now and then is quite nice.

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