Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Mixing styles

Tribal and the mixing off styles
I touched on earlier, I touched on a few things in "placement of tattoos" about mixing styles. So now I want to talk about styles. Styles for me are very important. I think it shows good tattoo knowledge and good research about what it is that you like and what you expect to look like over a period of time, getting tattooed more and more and more. I mean, there are various different styles, you have Western traditional, you have Oriental, Tribal and the list goes on, neo-traditional, neo-western traditional, neo-Japanese. Neo-traditionals, the neo-traditional just means taking the traditional work and reinventing it in a more modern way, that's all it really is. But let's talk about tribal. You've very varied amounts of tribal travel is a blanket term and was really made famous, by a gentleman called Leo Zulueta who is still around, does great work, and he really did a lot of study into the kind of tribal work that's being done in the Near East, Malaysia, Burma. All of these exotic places. The amazing thing about Leo's work is Leo's understanding of positive and negative shapes when tribal is done, it needs to ascertain what is going to be a positive and what is negative on the shape of the body. If that is not taken into consideration, then that balance, that good creative design does not exist. That's why tribal gets such a bad name because a lot of guys have tattooed people with really shit tribal work. That is not designed for that area, was never designed at that size. It was designed much, much larger. And people have just taken it or flash sheets and tattooed it to people. And that stuff looks terrible. That's why tribals got a bad name. Go look at Leo's work. You'll be amazed at what good tribal can look like. But then tribal doesn't only extend to that. We have the Moko from New Zealand, which is also the most insanely cool tribal work right across the whole marquesas. Tahiti, Hawaii, Samoa. The Samoan Pe-a, which is really, really an amazing piece of work. It goes across the lower back and wraps right around the thighs on men. There is also a woman's Pe-a, which is amazing. So when it comes to tribal work, go and do some research about really cool tribal tattoos and then get really good work done. Look at it and understand that that the relationship of clear skin to tattoo skin needs to speak. These work together. They have their own language. And that's important. That's really, very important. So understand that, that is something that you need to really consider and that comes with size. So small tribals, always end up looking terrible, especially from a distance.

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