Friday, 1 May 2020


Today, I'm going to talk about Oriental work. I love Oriental work, and Oriental will pertain to Chinese, Japanese tattooing, also very ancient styles. Probably the most well-known is the Japanese style, and what is has been propagated mostly by the Yakuza. These pieces are investments, they show tenacity, they show strength and are normally predesigned. So it would never be a piece that has not taken the whole body into consideration, where it ends, how much shown, understanding that keeping the shirt area open because tattoos are still seen as taboo in Japan. Having to go somewhere with an open shirt and tattoo showing you'd be discriminated against. So, and that's still happening. Still happening today. I've seen signs where on restaurants that are not happy to have tattooed patrons come into the restaurant at all. And the signs are in Japanese and English. So they're not just not wanting Japanese tattoo people coming in there, the "Yakuza". They don't want Caucasians. They don't want anybody who's tattooed coming in. So it says something, but we've digressed. The beauty of those large pieces is amazing and go and do some research. You'll be amazed at what is being done. Horiyoshi III, is still around and his sons are training as well. Go and look at the kind of work that they do. A lot of it is still done by hand. I know Horiyoshi doesn't he uses the machine to do all the line work and then he'll do the color work by hand "Tebori". And it's amazing. What is most amazing is when you see those people shot naked. They look ,that is like the most beautiful back pieces, body pieces that you can imagine. I mean, they really are amazing. And I love that thinking. And if you following any of my work, you'll see that I've been working at a style that is a crossover between that kind of work and almost a graffiti/graphic style of work with. What I would what I like to call a neo-Japanese way of working So go and do research, style is very important. I believe that when other people who are knowledgeable of tattooing see you and you understood the style, they appreciate that. They see that you have if you haven't, they won't. So be careful.

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